Emotional Health & Counselling Service


Located in Block J, United Christian Hospital, the Emotional Health & Counselling Centre is committed to promoting emotional health and positive living with the service concept of "positive psychology", allowing the public to learn positive thinking, cultivate positive emotion and behaviours, and face life with an optimistic attitude, so as to improve the ability of individuals to deal with stress and adversity, and enhance the overall psychological quality of the community.


The centre has various counselling rooms, activity rooms and children's game therapy rooms, allowing psychological counsellors and psychologists to provide appropriate and professional counselling service for individuals, couples, children and families with special learning needs in a relaxing and comfortable environment.


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Service Team

The counselling team includes counselling psychologist, psychological counsellor, clinical psychologist and expressive arts therapist. Members are equipped with professional qualifications and have obtained trainings and practical experience.


Service Scope

Individual/family counselling service, emotional therapy and health education group can be provided based on various age groups and needs.


Individual Emotional Support and Family Counselling Service

Personality Analysis

Personal Growth

Interpersonal Relationship

Marital Counselling

Family Counselling

Pre-marital Counselling

Grief Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Game Therapy

Individual Psychological Counselling, Relationship Counselling and Emotional Support


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Emotional Therapy and Health Education Group

  • Students with Special Education Needs (SEN)
  • Parental and Stress Reduction
  • Relationship and Marriage
  • Emotional and Stress Management for working people
  • Individual Emotional Therapy


Outreach Emotional Health Education Service

Cooperated with public and private organisations, secondary and primary schools, kindergartens and tertiary institutions, the centre promotes positive psychology by providing outreach services, such as health talks, workshops and education groups, to promote emotional health among the general public.

Services to School
Parenting Series 
Couple relationship
Students’ educational groups related to emotions
Training groups for SEN students

Other Outreach Services
Stress Management
Conflict Management
Workplace Interpersonal Relationship
Mindfulness Series
Personality Analysis


Professional Training for Emotional Counselling

Regular professional training seminars are held, and overseas experts are invited to impart psychological and emotional counselling knowledge to facilitate the exchange of professional expertise.


Upcoming Trainings:

  1. Introductory/ Advanced Workshop on Motivational Interviewing will be held in September & July. Should you be interested in it, please click www.ucep.org.hk for more information!
  2. 3-half-day Workshop for Clinicians on Emotion Focused Skills Training for Parents (EFST-P) will be held in May 2022. Should you be interested in it, please click www.ucep.org.hk for more information!
  3. Germer, the founder of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), shared the knowledge of MSC in person in Hong Kong.
  4. Hayes, the founder of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), came to Hong Kong to share ACT treatment techniques. Dr. Wasler, a disciple of Prof. Hayes, also came to Hong Kong afterwards to share how to apply ACT to psychotherapy and how it can help people who have suffered from trauma.
Appointment and Enquiry
Website: www.ucep.org.hk
Tel: 2349 3212  
WhatsApp: 9260 4132
Email: info.ucep@ucn.org.hk


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