Chinese Medicine Specialty Centre

本頁圖片/檔案 - Website_Book now button_ENUnited Christian Nethersole Chinese Medicine Specialty Centre employs a different approach from general practice, focusing on sickness and treatment specialty. With comprehensive diagnosis and treatment capacity, it contributes an all-in-one Chinese medicine specialty service.


Combining herbs, acupuncture, bone-setting, cupping, ignipuncture, and many other external therapeutic methods, the practitioners bring the best result to the patients. Besides, they suggest daily health care solutions according to patients' constitutions and needs to enhance the immune system.


Inter-professional Collaboration

Chinese practitioners work together with registered dietians, physiotherapists, and psychologists to delivery plans for particular treatments. The synergy effect intensifies therapeutic results.


Quality Chinese Medicine Granule

Dispensing has never been that accurate and easy. Supreme herbs, modernised decoction machines, and individually sealed infusions ensure hygiene and convenience of medicine consumption. Most clinics offer herbal granules produced under GMP specification as an alternative and an advantage for patients.

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