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Emotional Health Education
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Emotional Health Education

Our Values

  • Emotional health is extremely importance to physical health, mental health, relations, and ultimately, life, which deserves the public to pay attention to and pursuit of
  • Positive thinking, which is the fundamental of emotional health, and positive living can be developed through learning
  • Emotional education can improve individual’s ability to surmount difficulty and pressure, and improve the quality of mental health in the community
  • Preventive intervention can effectively safeguard the emotional and mental health of individual

Our Aims

  • To promote knowledge about emotional health
  • To improve the quality of everyone’s mental health
  • To prevent emotional diseases

Service Objectives and Targets

  • To promote emotional health and positive living in the community and to improve public's quality of life
  • To provide self-helping method to those who have emotional problem and their families and to strengthen their resilience
  • To provide training to professionals in handling emotional problems of their clients

Services Scope

  • Psycho-educational programs
  • Professional trainings
  • Church Projects
  • Interactive website
  • Mass media promotion
  • Self-helping materials
  • Research about emotional health
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Tel.: 2349 3212
Email : info.ucep@ucn.org.hk

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Emotional Health & Counselling Centre

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